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Accounts Payable 

Please see the applicable information below for existing vendors, new vendors, or general Accounts Payable information. The vendor payment process requires Board of Director approval prior to issuance of a check. All checks are generated by the “County of San Joaquin.” Additional details can be found below. Should you have any questions, please contact our Finance Department staff Mouy King, Accounts Payable for assistance at (209) 444-3111 or via e-mail You can also fax the District at (209) 948-0423.

Important Information for New Vendor Set Up 
  • Stockton East Water District initially establishes a relationship with a new vendor through a credit application that the vendor provides. Please coordinate with Mouy King if you would like to set up an account with the District.
  • A current W9 form is required before any invoices can be paid. The W9 form must be completed using the October 2018 IRS form which can be found below. The W9 must be signed and dated at the time of submission. If both requirements are not met it can result in delay of the vendor’s payment.
Important Information for Vendors 
  • Mail invoices to the District’s mailing address: P.O. Box 5157, Stockton CA 95205
  • Please provide a month-end statement to avoid non-payment of invoices past their due dates.
  • The Accounts Payable payment process generally takes 3-4 weeks.
  • Invoices are processed through a purchase order system that runs through various departments for approval, ending in the Accounts Payable Department for payment.
  • Request for invoice payments are presented in the Warrants to the Board of Directors for review and approval every other Tuesday.
  • Payments will be mailed the Friday of the same week the Warrants are approved.
  • The entity “County of San Joaquin” is displayed on the upper right corner of all checks and inserted in a Stockton East Water District envelope when mailed.
Important Information for Lost Checks/Warrants 
  • After the District has final verification that a check issued to pay is lost, the vendor will need to complete a Warrant Replacement Affidavit required by the County of San Joaquin.
  • If the claim amount is greater than $100.00, the Warrant Replacement Affidavit must be notarized. (Please Note: Free Notary Services are available at the District).
  • Issuance of the replacement check will be approximately 2-3 weeks after submission of the Warrant Replacement Affidavit to the District Office.
October 2018 IRS W-9 Form