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Farmington Program - Site Selection & Evaluation

A flowchart detailing steps for site evaluation, from screening to long-term operation and maintenance (O&M), with decision points.

Site selection follows a methodical approach that considers many factors, including the candidate property’s ability to percolate water to the aquifer. Through a four-phased process, the Program assures cost-effective and cost-efficient development of candidate sites, while preserving the rights of the landowner and Program sponsors. Site selection phases include:

Phase One: Site Screening

  • Determine landowner interest
  • Analysis of potential benefits
  • Analysis of site location for environmental review and water supply
  • Analysis of parcel size and availability

Phase Two: Field Investigation

  • Borehole drilling to sample and analyze soil composition
  • Analysis of groundwater and supply water quality
  • Prepare Environmental Assessment, within framework of the National Environmental Policy Act and the California Environmental Quality Act
A person with a hard hat standing in front of drilling machinery in a field.

Phase Three: Site Testing

  • Sign land agreement with landowner
  • Site preparation for demonstration testing, including:
    • Construct field flooding cell and water conveyance
    • Construct surface water monitoring system
    • Construct groundwater monitoring well system to measure groundwater elevation and water quality
  • Fied flooding initation and operation
Person with clipboard and surveying equipment outdoors.

Phase Four: Long-term Operations

  • Long-term land agreements
  • Final design, construction and operation
  • Site management and monitoring



"Stockton East and its neighboring water districts have been aggressive in trying to resolve the critical issues faced by landowners in the Eastern San Joaquin Valley. Without a water recharge program, the water table will continue to plummet, creating a bigger expense for landowners."
Grant Thompson, Landowner & Chairman of the Central San Joaquin Water Conservation District