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Employee Spotlight

Every month, we proudly introduce two of our dedicated team members who contribute to our company's success. Join us in highlighting their hard work, unique talents, and the passion they bring to their respective roles at the District. Get to know the people behind our achievements and learn what makes our team truly special.


Alejandra smiling with brown hair, a blue top, blazer, and a cross necklace, with greenery in the background.
Alejandra Rangel, Accountant

Meet - Alejandra Rangel

 Alejandra Rangel has been with Stockton East Water District since January 2023 and is currently the Accountant, supporting our constituents by handling various financial responsibilities. She has played an important role in streamlining the grants reporting and recording. Competitive pay, benefits and a short commute are Alejandra’s favorite part about working at Stockton East. Alejandra selected her current profession because she liked the professionalism of working in the finance field and finds the most job satisfaction from achieving a healthy work-life balance. Outside of work, Alejandra indulges in her love for cooking by experimenting with recipes discovered on Instagram and Pinterest. An interesting fact about Alejandra is that she read the entire Twilight Saga series within a few weeks. Alejandra is a valued employee of Stockton East, an integral member of our team, and a contributor to our success. 



“Alejandra's professionalism and positive attitude make her an indispensable part of our team. Her personality has blossomed in the time she has been here. It has been a joy to see her evolution.”
Priya Ram, Finance Director


Ryan smiling in a green shirt standing in front of a building with a "Stockton East Water District" sign.
Ryan Welch, Senior Treatment Plant Operator

Meet - Ryan Welch

Ryan Welch has been with Stockton East since November 2012 and is currently a Senior Treatment Plant Operator, supporting our constituents by ensuring optimum process control of the Treatment Plant and related equipment to ensure safe drinking water. Being able to use his analytical skills and the beautiful campus are Ryan’s favorite parts about working at Stockton East. Ryan selected his current profession because of what his father-in-law suggested, who worked in a similar field.  Ryan finds the most job satisfaction from working with different systems within the Treatment Plant, solving problems, and ensuring process control. Outside of work, Ryan most enjoys working with electronics, specifically audio related gear. Something most people don’t know about Ryan is that he grew an Afro in his 20’s. Ryan is a valued employee of Stockton East, an integral member of our team, and a contributor to our success. 

Person with a large afro and sunglasses, wearing a dark sweatshirt. Low-resolution photo.










“Ryan’s skills as an Operator and positive attitude contribute to the success of the Treatment Plant.”
Jim Wunderlich, Water Operations Manager