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Farmington Groundwater Recharge Program

Logo of Farmington Groundwater Recharge Program: "Making Water a Crop for Eastern San Joaquin County's Future."


The Farmington Groundwater Recharge Program is Eastern San Joaquin County's solution to begin replenishment of a groundwater basin in critical overdraft. Each year, agricultural and municipal water use exceeds natural recharge by up to 135,000 acre-feet per year*, a situation that has lead to the closure of municipal wells to saline intrusion and higher well water pumping costs. An additional 70,000 acre-feet per year is needed to provide a hydraulic barrier to saline water intrusion.

To reverse this trend, Stockton East Water District, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other local water agencies launched the Farmington Groundwater Recharge Program. With $33.5 million in available funds, the Farmington Program aims to partner with local landowners, businesses, growers and ranchers to save the region's water supply.

 Learn how your involvement will make a difference to your water supply and the region's future by viewing this Web site and providing feedback through our survey or via email.

* California's Groundwater, DWR, Bulletin 118 - Update 2003.


Key Program Benefits:

  • Drought protection and water supply reliability
  • Stabilizes half-century of groundwater overdraft
  • Stops saline intrusion to groundwater basin
  • Reduced well pumping costs by raising the water table
  • Provides seasonal wetland habitat for migratory birds
  • Ensures a high-quality water supply for the region's high-value crops
  • Provides a continued supply of high-quality drinking water for the Stockton urban area



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